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Recycling Regulations

In 2011 the BC government passed a regulation requiring that all businesses that supply packaging and printed paper to BC residential consumers will be responsible for collecting and recycling their paper and packaging once consumers are finished with it.

The following was received by the BCFPA from Multi-Material BC - www.multimaterialbc.ca. It is here reprinted for your convenience:

Introducing our New and Improved Guidebook

  • User friendly
  • Maps to a National List of Materials for stewards that report into multiple packaging and printed paper programs across Canada
  • Contains guidance for BC-based businesses that are reporting for the first time
  • Includes lots of examples from multiple industry sectors
  • Provides details on how to develop an average bill of materials (ABOM) for stewards with thousands of SKUs

Download a copy here

In advance of the launch of the reporting portal, we have refreshed the Guide to Help Businesses Meet Their Recycling Obligations in British Columbia to help you prepare your first report, and act as a useful resource for future reporting.Please click here to download a copy.  Use this guide to begin gathering the data and information you need to enter into the reporting portal.  As well, for more help sign-up for one of our Reporting Guidance Webinars (see more details below).The reporting portal opens on September 3, but you might want to familiarize yourself with the guide in advance. All data must be completed and entered by September 20. Your fees for the 2014 year will be provided in the fall.


What is the printed paper and packaging regulation?

BC’s Environmental Management Act contains a Recycling Regulation that requires industry to assume responsibility for the safe end-of-life management of designated products. To date, this has included beverage containers, tires and electronics, among many others. In May 2011, BC’s Recycling Regulation was updated to include packaging and printed paper (PPP).  The PPP regulation shifts the costs and responsibility for managing the residential recycling of packaging and printed paper from regional and municipal governments and their taxpayers to industry and their consumers effective May 2014.  

This means that businesses that supply packaging and printed paper into the BC residential marketplace are responsible for collecting and recycling their packaging once the consumer is finished with it. Businesses obligated under the regulation are known as ‘producers’ or ‘stewards’.  

What is MMBC?

Multi-Material British Columbia (MMBC) is an industry led and funded non-profit organization that will assume the responsibility for managing residential packaging and printed paper recycling on behalf of industry in May 2014.

MMBC developed a stewardship plan that met the requirements of the regulation and is designed to be cost-effective and efficient.  MMBC’s plan was approved by the BC government on April 15, 2013, and is the only approved stewardship plan for packaging and printed paper.   A copy of the stewardship plan can be found on MMBC's website: http://multimaterialbc.ca/stewards/tools-resources.   Rather than businesses individually assuming the costs and complexities of setting up a system to collect and recycle packaging and printed paper, MMBC was formed to equitably share costs and capture the economies of scale necessary to operate an efficient program.

How do I know if I qualify as a printed paper and packaging ‘producer’?

Any business that supplies packaging and printed paper (PPP) into the residential marketplace (to consumers) is considered a producer under the recycling regulation. Examples of businesses that qualify include:

  • Food manufacturers
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (e.g., cosmetics, electronics, toys, etc.)
  • Retail Businesses (e.g., grocery, general merchandise, convenience, drug store, nurseries and garden centres)
  • Banks and Credit Unions
  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • Newspaper and Magazine Publishers
  • Paper Manufacturers
  • And more

Supplying PPP into the residential marketplace means that the printed paper or the product associated with the packaging material was directly or indirectly (through a retail chain or distributor) sold, leased, donated or otherwise made available or distributed for use (for free or otherwise) to a BC residential consumer, where the BC residential consumer is the end-user (i.e., the residential consumer will be putting the packaging or printed material into the waste stream at the curbside, depot, streetscape or in the garbage).  If your business may fall into this category, please contact MMBC at 1-888-980-9549 or stewards@multimaterialbc.ca to assist you in determining your obligations.  

If you qualify as a producer under the regulation and your business has sales greater than $750,000 per year, the deadline for registration and reporting with MMBC is September 20, 2013. Reporting can be done online at https://WeRecycle.cssalliance.ca. Businesses are required to identify the packaging and printed paper that they sell into the BC marketplace including the quantity of those materials by weight (kgs).

If you qualify as a producer under the regulation and your business has sales less than $750,000 per year, MMBC has waived the reporting and registration deadline of September 20. MMBC will be consulting with small businesses throughout the fall of 2013 on a Small Business Policy aimed at reducing the administrative burden on smaller-scale producers in the packaging and printed paper program while remaining compliant with the regulation.

Who can I talk to about the steps I need to take to comply with the Regulation?

If you think you need to register with MMBC, or still don’t know and would like to speak to someone at MMBC about the regulation, please contact Steward Services at 1-888-980-9549 or via email at stewards@multimaterialbc.ca.

MMBC has also developed online tools and guidebooks to assist businesses in complying with the government regulation. These materials are available on our website, www.multimaterialbc.ca/stewards.


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