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BLOG - DUPIsCHAI: A tea with purpose

DUPIsCHAI blends spice with science to create a tea with purpose. “I set out to take chai back to its spice tonic roots by recreating Chai of the Maharajas but for the western cultures palate,” says Dupinder, who goes by Dupi, and created the tea with her husband Victor Yablonsky. Dupi was born and raised in India and chai tea has been the rhythm of her life. Dupi says, “I was disappointed to find that every chai on the current market had added flavours and sugars to create an experience without any substance behind the drink.” She wanted to enjoy the taste of her chai, but benefit her mind and body at the same time “Chai for the premium market in India is all about the spices as these are exclusive, taste and smell amazing, furthermore create a luxurious experience when combined with tea.” 

One of Dupi and Victor’s main passion is health and wellness through whole, natural foods. Dupi says, “spices are the most potent form of antioxidants on earth, making them a superfood and I wanted to treat the body to the benefits everyday with one simple cup of chai.” Scientist by trade, she combined her passion for everything chai along with the science behind superfood spices to create multi-functional blends that focus on a healthy brain, digestion and the immune system. 

“With two young kids I found myself exhausted and struggling with inflammation and allergies and was looking to infuse more superfood spices into my diet. I got to creating in the kitchen, adding spices, like ginger and turmeric, into a blend of chai just for my personal benefit.” She had a few friends talking about their health struggles and gave them some of her tea to help them feel better. The teas were a hit and that was when they decide to put their tea on the market. “After trial and error in 2017 and branding in the spring of 2018 we got into retail by the fall of 2018,” says Dupi. 

Victor says, “we are very proud to be a made in BC product and to maintain high standards of quality control. Furthermore, our premium quality ingredients and 3x more spices than competitors really make our blends stand out in taste, experience and health benefits. We are also eco-friendly as our packaging is not only beautiful to look at but also a sustainable choice.”  

“We have been really focusing on social media, especially Instagram to get our message across but we’re still trying to figure out our exact demographic to see what social media outlets they are using,” Dupi tells us, “our customers like to read, they want to be informed so they research before they buy, that’s why our website is very in-depth with lots of research and information behind our product.” 

“BCFPA has been very helpful for us, we have really been using their networking community to meet new people and share our brand. I went to one of BCFPA’s marketing meetings to learn how to meet the requirements for Health Canada which was a really good learning opportunity for our BC business,” says Dupi, “we are happy to be a part of the BCFPA family and connect with the BC food industry.” 

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